Flexible and Diverse:

Delphi Global Technology has multiple options available for IT support to fit whatever your business needs happen to be. Our flexible model and simple pricing structure make it effortless for our clients to create a version of support that works for them. Partnering with Delphi allows our clients to leverage the experience of a company seasoned in everything from the one person startup to the several hundred user corporation. Our model offers substantial savings over employing in-house IT support staff.
Delphi has access to the most powerful industry-standard, secure remote connectivity tools on the market. Our US based support staff is able to connect directly to your computer to resolve any issues you may have. Some of the advantages our support model include:

  • A Delphi representative is available whenever your issues arise, not only when they’re in your building.
  • Extremely low cost for the number of hours your staff is supported.
  • Your requests for assistance are answered in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Multiple people with diverse areas of expertise are available to assist you.

Accountability – Our enterprise level Help Desk makes it simple for anyone to request assistance from anywhere via web or email-to-ticket entry. The Delphi Help Desk seamlessly integrates with our remote connectivity support tools to make diagnosing and resolving issues simple and unobtrusive. With countless ways of reporting on ticket submissions and remote support connections, our clients never have to ask the question “what have you done for me lately?”

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