Apple is Losing the Innovation Game

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Apple is widely regarded as one of the most innovative tech companies out there. I see time and time again headlines that praise the company for their impact on the world of technology and hold the company up as a beacon of light that leads us all to the future of technological nirvana. Nearly every new product is… Read More

From Android to iPhone

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My cell phone contract recently came due for an upgrade and like any tech enthusiast I jumped at the chance to get a new gadget. I’ve been using Android devices for a few years now and have really liked them. They have their shortcomings but what phone doesn’t? My most recent Android phone was a… Read More

The Now and the Not Yet

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With all the rage about tablets (iPads, etc.) we’re often asked “I’m in the market for a new PC/Laptop, I was wondering if I shouldn’t just get a tablet instead.” Well – it depends.  Purpose and usage are everything.  Tablets are GREAT devices, and they can probably DO everything a PC can, but not always… Read More

Netflix: Pure Greed or Pure Genius?

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Last week, Netflix announced  a new pricing structure that splits their main services into two separate offerings. The first is a DVD-only plan starting at $7.99/month and the second is a streaming-only plan for the same price. What this means to most of their customers is that in order to keep their current plan of… Read More