Apple is Losing the Innovation Game

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Apple is widely regarded as one of the most innovative tech companies out there. I see time and time again headlines that praise the company for their impact on the world of technology and hold the company up as a beacon of light that leads us all to the future of technological nirvana. Nearly every new product is… Read More

The Now and the Not Yet

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With all the rage about tablets (iPads, etc.) we’re often asked “I’m in the market for a new PC/Laptop, I was wondering if I shouldn’t just get a tablet instead.” Well – it depends.  Purpose and usage are everything.  Tablets are GREAT devices, and they can probably DO everything a PC can, but not always… Read More

Tech on Vacation

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Working in the technology field, I can’t help but mix business with pleasure. Technology is everywhere so it makes it nearly impossible to completely get away from it. Personally, I love technology and the things we’re capable of doing with it so I usually don’t want to get away from it. Such is the case… Read More