Ask Alex the Intern! Round I

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Over the last month or two, we’ve gotten to know Alex the Intern pretty darn well. Here are a few things we’ve noticed…

  • He’s very responsible. If he’s running even two minutes late (to his internship that has no solid start time), he’ll call the office to fill us in then walk through the door only 30 seconds after we’ve hung up the phone and apologize for being late.Alex the Intern Working
  • He hates chairs. At least, that’s all I can assume since there are two chairs and two stools within 6 steps of where he sits every day and he still insists on sitting on the floor.
  • He’s a good kid. Any senior that wants to hang out at our office several days a week and actually enjoys it has to be a good kid. Not that John and I aren’t nice guys, but to a senior in high school, I’m sure we’re less than ideal to hang out with. We’re like the human version of Star 94 or any other bad morning drive radio: adults like us and think we’re fun and even sometimes funny but their high school kids just roll their eyes at them and wonder how they could possibly enjoy us. Especially since we don’t even give away free concert tickets.

But now it’s time for YOU to get to know Alex the Intern a little better too! We sent him some questions and told him he had to answer them or his next intern assignment would be dressing up like the archer in our logo and standing in front of the office waving a sign. Here it is; our first round of “Ask Alex the Intern!” His answers are in blue because, as you’ll soon find out, it’s his favorite color. Any notes I want to make along the way are in red because, as you’re finding out while reading this sentence, I like to have too many colors on a page. Enjoy…

Alex the Intern!

How are ya?

I’m answering ALL the questions! 

Where do you go to school?

I go to school at Woodstock High School.

Favorite color?

My favorite color is blue.

Favorite type of music/band/song?

I really enjoy electronic music, and my favorite artists are deadmau5 and C418. (I have no idea what those letters and numbers mean. I might as well be 100 years old.)

Favorite food(s)?

My favorite food is bacon. (Good man.)

Least favorite food?

Brussel sprouts.

Any pets?

About 20 birds, a betta, and a Sudanese plated lizard. (This deserves and will likely receive an entirely separate post. That’s alotta birds!)

Future aspirations?

Have a tech room so tricked out that the electric company has to come out and reconfigure the stuff at my house so I can run it all.

Dream job?

Senior software engineer at the FF department at Square Enix, or an ethical hacker.

PC or Mac?

PC all the way. (Don’t get him started. Just trust me on this one.)

What’s something you never ever want to do?

I never want to get an account on Facebook. Also, answer the next question…

If you could, and had to, punch either Toby or John, who would it be? (Well played, sir. Well played.)

Most valuable lesson learned so far in your time at Delphi?

The carpet here isn’t as comfortable as the carpet at my apartment. (USE A CHAIR!)

Read any good books lately?

Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien

Played any good video games?

Minecraft (which will always be awesome), Conduit 2, FFXII, MH3

Favorite leisurely activity?

Minecraft and browsing Memebase.

Is this too many questions?

The number of questions on here is too damn high! (Memebase reference)

So there you have it. Now you know Alex the Intern THAT much better. If you have any other questions or just want to argue with Alex about his answers, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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